Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let them ride…

         The concept behind Let them ride… is recognizing that it’s the little things that count when it comes to saving the world. We may not be able to solve problems like world hunger, oil shortages, the worldwide recession or global warming overnight but the little things we do count. By living simply we can help both our community and the world. By limiting our waste we help stop pollution and over-consumption, by helping a child with their homework we improve our education system, and by riding bikes we not only minimize our carbon footprint but we also improve our health. The specific purpose for Let them ride…! Is to be a living example of our beliefs and by practicing what we preach and from that we will be able to raise money to support the children of developing countries such as India and Africa, to be able to have a good education and learn how they can help their own community be sustainable. In this way the little things we do benefit not only our community or ourselves, but also the communities we help and the communities that they will help in the future.

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